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Myspace My myspace site.
Twitter My twitter site where you can see recording/writing updates
Facebook Group Facebook group for news and mail-outs.
My Blog If you want the Fanous rambles, this is where to find them. All sorts of hidden treasure....
You Tube My YouTube vids channel
Perfume The story behind my song 'Perfume'
Architect's Son The home of my song 'Architect's Son' and the concept behind it.
Steve Honest Go to his myspace or email Stevehonest@hotmail.com for enquiries about Rock Of London Amps or recording.
UB Pics Live photographer who took the pic we used as background in the gigs section.
Virtually Acoustic Great open mic / gig venue resource and one of the treasured clubs that nurtured me when I was learning how to 'do it' live.
Eliza Wren Payne My friend and the wonderful musical soul that is Eliza Wren Payne.
Jayson Norris My man Jayson Norris, a brilliant Kiwi singer-songwriter...