Once a fan

Always a (Black Crowes) fan.

I’m on the Jubilee line on my way to one of the only ‘exclusive’ gigs I’ve ever got tickets for. The drama. First they announce the pre-sale for the October Brixton show on one of my busiest days of the year. Then the next week they announce an exclusive promotional show, happening two days later in a 300 cap venue.

I won’t pay more than 50 quid for a gig. Too many variables could lead to a bad show. I won’t go and see them without the co-founding drummer, whose book on the break up I read. It won’t be the same, I said.

Then, just like that I’ve dropped 65-ish quid on one ticket, and 35 on the next without blinking. And I’ll buy the Shake Tour Money Maker T to replace the old faded one I lost. This is also the most excited I’ve been for a gig in ages. Weirdly enough since Del Amitri last year. There must be something about these ‘old’ bands.

I really love this band though. On plays across a lifetime so far, however much I profess my undying love for The Beatles and Joni Mitchell, they probably win.

Maybe because they’re still touring and playing well, keeping the excitement and tradition alive. Maybe because life needs road songs and they are so good at that. Maybe it’s because they bring back together the same group of mates to go see them. Maybe it’s something else. I don’t know. I hope the show is good tonight. Then roll on October.

Update: 15/2/20

Indeed the show was amazing. We were three or four rows from the front. So up close it felt bizarre and unreal and their faces, movements and performances were so familiar that it also felt a bit like a dream. This is a video I took of the last song a cover of Willin’.

The set list couldn’t have been much more perfect. Here are some pics and vids that Stu took.

Plus Rolling Stone covered it, here.

And now I’ve almost committed to a second ticket in October.

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