Who is this, then?

Well, the point of this website is to help me figure that out.

Over time I will add some memories and experiences which have added up to bring me to this point in time.

I am the Innovation Manager at Abbey Road Red, our music tech incubator at Abbey Road Studios in London. I’m still finding this all hard to believe. Is it really happening? Wow.

Before this I was Head of Research at music industry intelligence platform Music Ally (not the app!) for many years.

Music has always defined my life in one way or another.

I like cats.

Questions race through my mind all the time about everything and I like very much to think about and discuss their answers, either with myself or others.

My mind wanders. I am easily distracted. I’m curious and I like learning, I really like learning, about anything and everything.

Some of my biggest life lessons are that experience trumps most things; common sense should be injected into ambition and creative fantasy or referenced at all times; and often the best ideas and solutions are staring you or others right in the face.

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