Looking for vinyl in Aarhus

A delightful couple of stops looking for vinyl in Aarhus while visitng friends over new year. The first was Badstuerock. A cavern-like store in a quaint old building, of which there are loads in Aarhus. Dark-ish lighting, lots of crates, and when I asked for something ‘Danish and obscure’ the chap obliged with a release that they put out on their own label in 2017. I’m intrigued as to what that one will sound like judging by the cover and pull-quote (!). See pics at the bottom.

I also enjoyed buying Nephew and Gangway records here, on home soil.

The second was Route 66, deeper into the centre of town. A lovely feeling and layout in there. Oak-y and wooden. Plus an enticing selection of discounted vinyl upstairs, which was a drag seeing as we only had five minutes up there before jumping onto the airport bus.

I came away from there with Obverse by Anders Trentemøller after phoning (asking) our (expert) friend for something Danish, obscure and electronic-y.

Such fun. I would recommend visiting Badstuerock and Route 66 and I look forward to exploring the other couple of record stores in town when we’re back. Aarhus is a lovely, historic town with lots of lovely architecture, streets and stories around the buildings, by the way.


Found these quirky Beatles records in Badstuerock. Ringo loves…

Fabulous indeed!

Also this one. Does one need a headset in the Animal Republic?

Nice to see Abbey Road featured in both stores, of course! This is outside Route 66.

This is the haul, pictured on a table in the departures lounge at Aarhus airport. Very excited about all of it. Particularly spinning the Nephew and Gangway records.

Starcrash. ‘Worm Cover №2’… ‘This is exactly the kind of music punk rock set out to destroy’.

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