Enamel camping mugs


Why I like this Argon mug

The white enamel camping mug with a blue lip is a design classic. See Falcon for a nice origin story. I have enduring fomo from missing this run of Ghostly mugs.

The blue lip is great for sipping. The look of the body is clean, matte white and pleasing. It’s light and easy to hold with a large handle for clumsy hands like mine.

If inclined you can put soup or food in it. I’ve enjoyed being served fries in one at a pub. You can (re-)heat contents on a stove. If it gets chipped, which it does, it looks well-weathered.

At first I didn’t like the idea of this Argon Tableware variation. Cynically reluctant to accept variations on classic designs I prefer to admire the original and accept an evolution when it brings something useful with it. I was weary of the fancy bowl shape and glossy finish.

There is a big downside to the Falcon design: liquid gets cold quickly, which ruins the slow sipping of morning coffee outside or inside on a chilly day. Worse when you’ve put time into the brew and money into the grounds.

Two things surprised me about our new Argon mugs. One, they keep coffee warmer for longer, extending it past the cooling pain point by a smidgeon.

I’ve been pondering why. Perhaps the bowl protects the liquid surface from exposure to cold air; or evaporating liquid hits the sides and slips back in.

The walls feel thicker versus the Falcon design. Either thicker steel or a thicker enamel coating, which would contribute to heat retention.

The shape contributes to the experience via the smell though, retaining the aroma in a bowl which you can dip your nose into. So the bowl skins in to utilitarian territory via the nose.

Two, on one of our set of six there is a slight build up or bump approaching the lip on the contact side for sipping if holding it with the right hand. It’s a comforting feeling and my favourite of the bunch. I did wonder if they were finished by hand and will research whether production is fully automated and this is a quality control slip or by hand and a natural variation.

I prefer the design of the original Falcon but as far as enamel camping mugs in our van grab bag [basket] go the Argon tops it until it gets warmer. I’ll be enjoying this mug on outdoor adventures for a while, maybe even bring one inside for summer mornings.

The Falcon mug makes a great cold drink vessel in the meantime.

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